Disposable Products – Why use them?

Disposable Products – Why use them?
We are continually expanding our sales of disposable products due to our customer’s requirements but what has prompted the swing towards single use items?

Are we just a throw away society?

In our fast paced consumer society where it has become in many cases cheaper to buy a new printer than replace the ink cartridges, is the expanding use of disposable products simply down to cost effectiveness and ease? The short answer is a definite “No” and here we explain why.

Disposable Products and the Medical Industry

disposable products Over the last 10 years the use of disposable products has increased, particularly within the medical sector. There have been several reports outlining the substantial benefits of single use items. So let’s explore some of the reasons which are not only applicable to the medical industry but also the health, leisure and hospitality industries and other high volume traffic institutions, for example prisons and police cells.

Reduction of Possible Infection

Items such as disposable surgical gowns, drapes and bedding provide optimum barrier protection whilst helping to reduce the potential of infection. Items arrive clean and hygienically packed.

Time and Cost Saving Benefits

Single use items eliminate the time consuming process of washing, checking, sometimes re washing, bleaching and ironing of multi use products. If you also consider the cost of not only the washing machine but the washing powders, fabric softeners, water and electricity as well as manpower required, many disposable products are able to offer considerable reductions in cost. Alongside this, budgeting can be easier to control as there are no additional costs to consider, once the disposable products are purchased.

Benefits in Appearance

Spotless bedding and surgical ware creates exactly the right sterile and hygienic impression to the patient, customer or visitor. Pre planned ordering will ensure that additional supplies are available onsite if required.

Environmental Effects

The majority of our disposable surgical ware is manufactured from spunbond polypropylene, which is easily recycled.  Following the end of the life cycle of the product, it can be ground down and formed into pellets, which can then be reused in the manufacture of similar products. You can learn more about the spunbond polypropylene that we supply  here There is even an argument to say that disposable products can be more beneficial to the environment as there is no reliance on harsh chemicals which can be found in laundry liquids. As our range of disposable products continues to grow to meet our customer’s needs, take a look here to find out more. Alternatively you can always contact us to discuss your requirements.


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