We supply cotton calico and polyester/cotton-blend calico. It is available in a range of natural shades and with durably and non-durably flame retardant (NDFR) coating.

Calico Origins

Calico is one of the oldest basic cotton fabrics and has been used in Britain since 1505. Its name is derived from Calicut in Southwestern India (the European name for the city of Kozhikode), where it was first produced in the 11th century.

In the early 1700’s, in an attempt to boost the British textile industry, Britain banned the import of Indian cotton fabrics. However, this was unsuccessful and in 1720 the ban was lifted under “The Calico Act”.

As a fabric, calico is incredibly durable and versatile. It is easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive, meaning that its uses are varied. Some of which are listed below.

Typical Uses:
Upholstery and furnishings
Clothing design samples
Craft projects
Fabric retail bags

Weight: 150 gram/m2 (gsm)
Non-Fire Retardant, Width: 1.53m or 1.91m
With Fire Retardant, Width 1.53m, 1.83m or 3.00m
FR Independently tested and certified to BS 5852: Part 1: 1978
Colour: Natural Shades
Packing: 100m Rolls on tubes, or 50m centre-creased on boards.

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