Sheet Rubber

We supply sheet rubber for anti-fatigue, non-slip floor covering applications in vehicles and commercial buildings.

Available in a range of surface patterns, thicknesses and widths, the product is manufactured to order of natural rubber.

It is usually delivered in rolls, wound on strong cardboard tubes and wrapped in polythene.

Typical Uses:
Car and vehicle mats
Floor coverings
Mats for small animals
Stable, horse and equestrian mats

Material: 100% Natural Rubber
Depth: 3.0mm – 20.0mm
Width: 1.0m – 3.0m
Roll Length: to customer specification
Colour: Black or to customer specification (Min. 2 Tons per colour)
Non-Smell treatment
Tensile Strength: 3.5-4MPa
Hardness: 65 +/-5 Shore A
Elongation: 200-250%
Density: 1.35 – 1.5 Ton/m3

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