Transparent Clear Flexible PVC

We supply Transparent Clear PVC with a range of levels of flexibility and with a dusted finish or anti-blocking properties. Strong, durable and waterproof this PVC sheet is supplied on the roll.

Typical Uses:

Outdoor covers, awnings, tent windows, gazebo windows, plastic sheeting, marine and boating covers, pushchair rain covers, etc.
Packaging for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and valuables
Washbags and toiletries bags


Products are available in PVC

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic material. This means that it can be reprocessed using heat.
PVC film can be manufactured using one of two methods, either calendaring or forced extrusion. The film that we supply is produced by calendaring as this has a superior clarity and surface.

Material Content – 100% PVC

Dimensions – standard film 130cms wide, in 100m rolls

Specific thickness – various thicknesses available from 0.15mm to 0.50mm (150-500 micron)

Manufacturing detail – Can be supplied to meet the criteria of BS EN 71-3 REACH Annex XVII Cadmiun and Phthalates if required. Can be supplied dusted or with anti-blocking properties. The film can also be supplied with anti UV properties. Other options are available to customer specification.

Colours – Transparent Clear

Packaging – Wound in rolls onto cardboard tubes and wrapped in craft paper and polythene

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