Increased demand for FR interliner

Demand continues to grow for our fire retardant interliner developed using wool and FR viscose blends. This locally produced high specification fire retardant felt is proving not only popular in the UK but also abroad, enabling us to further extend our exporting portfolio. Our FR interliner is a wonderful natural product, that can be used in a diverse range of industries but particularly within the areas of bedding and upholstery. The outstanding benefit has to be that no chemicals are used in the manufacture of the felt as wool is inherently fire retardant. There are many other benefits, some of which are listed below:
  • If the fabric is used over an FR Foam the surface layer may not need to be FR treated as this can be tested as a composite.
  • Washable covers can be used over the felt to keep the furniture item fire resistant as there is no dependence on the surface fabric to provide the FR barrier.
  • As wool is a natural product there are comfort benefits. It will both absorb and give out moisture unlike a synthetic fabric.
  • There is also some flexibility and stretch within the product, particularly useful in upholstering items.
  • Added strength is provided by the use of a non-woven layer inside the material.
  • The material is not prone to fraying, like a woven cotton.
  • Usually produced at 1.37 cms wide, and available in other widths to reduce wastage.
  • Has a natural look and feel and due to its composition it will recycle at the end of its life – another environmental plus point.
Further information can be found at: Felt and Wadding  


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