Is your sofa increasing your risk of cancer?

Is your risk of cancer increased by your sofa? Our fire retardant inerliner could provide a solution. Our natural fire retardant interliner is produced without chemicals.

This is particularly relevant in a week where it is claimed that flame retardants are linked to a 74% increase in thyroid cancer over the last 10 years.

Evidence suggests that flame retardants such as TCEP and decaBDE (decabromodiphenyl ether) used in most sofas and mattresses, can cause adult cancer and child cognitive issues.

Heather Stapleton, Lead Researcher from Duke University in North Carolina, is due to present her findings at a conference in York next month. She explains that the chemicals enter our bodies when they are released as household dust.

Her research shows that the highest levels recorded have been in children. The study also discovered that when comparing a group of individuals with thyroid cancer against a control group of healthy individuals – it was apparent that the group with cancer had experienced significantly higher exposure to decaBDE.

It was also found that exposure in pregnancy or before the age of 4, can also be linked to cognitive issues.

Use of fire retardant interliner

Using our fire retardant interliner over a fire retardant foam may mean that the surface layer may not need to be treated with a fire retardant, as the product can be tested as a composite. This would mean a dramatic reduction in the use of flame retardants and subsequently health risks.

Benefits of fire retardant interliner

In addition to the obvious benefit that no chemicals are used in the manufacture of the felt, as wool is inherently fire retardant, the product has many more advantages, such as comfort. As wool is a natural product, it will both absorb and give out moisture, unlike a synthetic fabric.

Due to its composition, the interliner will also recycle at the end of its life, bringing further benefits to the environment.

For more details on the advantages and specification of this natural product contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

25th April 2017


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