Spotlight on spunbond polypropylene

General information: Spunbond polypropylene is a textile material that is composed of thermally bonded, continuous filaments in a web-like structure. This gives it a good tear and puncture resistance with high tensile strength in all directions. The material is strong and light and resists moisture, staining and chemicals. Being constructed of 100% polypropylene it can easily be recycled. Spunbond polypropylene is a remarkably versatile and low cost product used across a number of industries including geo textiles, horticulture, filtration, hospitality, leisure, bedding and upholstery and medical. End uses include; medical gowns and disposable bedding, funeral shrouds, headrest covers and disposable table cloths, reusable promotional bags, weed control sheets for paths, patios etc, ground stabilisation and pond linings. This list is far from exhaustive! It is available in a variety of widths up to 320cms and also a wide range of weights from 10gsm to 240gsm. Some market information: To indicate the strength of the non woven market and obvious demand, global consumption is growing year on year by an average of around 6%, with consumption scheduled to reach 12.1 million tons by 2020. Although, financially the market for durable non wovens is still worth more, in the 5 years to 2015 disposable non wovens matched durable non wovens in terms of relative growth at around 7% each. Much of this growth is due to increased demand in Asia. Within Asia, China, India and Japan consume around 77% of the total nonwoven tonnage. We also supply other non woven fabrics and made up articles. These include spunbond polyester and spunlaid fabrics. Contact us to discuss your requirements further.


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